NeoBux:How to click at server time?

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My first days as member of NeoBux were very difficult.

How wondered how I must to do at server time.

Once I read the post of Alasdon....on Neobux forum.

I tried to check by myself If his method was correct and I found that is doesn't work with me.Or perhaps I didn't know how to use correctly his tips.


So I decided to find my own way.

When you want to click at server time,you must firstly know at what time you registered for the first time in NeoBux.

For that It's simple.Check your email adress and read the first mail you received from neobux.

I registered at 1:33 pm (local hour).So my server time is from that hour to 3:30pm.

Take just your server time,add 2 hours and you got It


Try by yourself and make me know if I'm wrong...but I don't think so.


























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